Why CSJ?

At CSJ, our clients make significant progress. We believe that our proven ability to dramatically improve the lives of our families can be attributed to our unique therapeutic approach.


Here at CSJ we serve a diverse population of clients. We treat individuals of all ages and all ability levels. Our families are geographically dispersed coming from communities as diverse as Greenwich, The Bronx and Rockland.  Some live locally, and others live far.  But despite their differences our families share one very important commonality– their commitment to improving the lives of the people they love.   And for this reason, they have chosen to come to the CSJ.


CSJ is a special place, a place where everyday remarkable things happen.

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Customized Treatment Plans

At CSJ we look beyond labels and diagnostic reports; we strive to know each client as an individual. Our goal is to identify our client’s unique strengths, individual needs, and personal interests. Sometimes we gather this information through a formal comprehensive evaluation. Other times, an informal consultation is sufficient. Regardless of the diagnostic method, once an individual profile has been established, a customized treatment plan is created.

Relationship-Based Approach

At CSJ all of our customized treatment programs implement a relationship based approach to intervention. From the first consultation until the final therapy session, we strive to establish relationships among our clients, their families, and the entire CSJ staff. Initial therapeutic sessions focus primarily on building interpersonal connections. Once these connections have been cultivated, our goal then becomes to continuously strengthen the client patient relationship. All throughout treatment, personal connections are leveraged as a means to motivate and support each client so that remarkable results are realized.

Multidisciplinary Treatment Teams

CSJ is a comprehensive therapeutic treatment center. Our highly skilled multidisciplinary teams specialize in:

  2. Speech & Language Therapy
  3. Therapeutic Feeding
  4. Occupational Therapy
  5. Sensory Integration Therapy
  6. Physical Therapy
  7. Audiology
  8. Mental Health Support


Exceptional Therapists

The CSJ staff is of the highest caliber. Many of our therapists are renowned experts who are leading the field in their respective disciplines. In addition to their thriving private practices, our esteemed therapists are highly sought after both locally and internationally as speakers and trainers on a variety of topics. All of our therapists receive ongoing coaching, mentoring, and professional development to ensure that CSJ remains on the cutting edge of therapeutic research and treatment best practices.

Innovative Therapeutic Techniques

Our Therapists Are Highly Skilled in various innovative therapeutic techniques:

  • Sensory Integration Therapy
  • The SOS Feeding Protocol
  • Integrated Listening System
  • Neurodevelopmental Therapy (NDT)
  • Handwriting Without Tears


Supportive Community

From the moment you enter CSJ you will immediately feel the unique support of our special community. We are proud that all of our families are greeted with a smile. We are proud that there is a buzz of friendly chatter in our waiting areas. Our facility was purposefully designed to invoke feelings of a warm and welcoming home. Here at CSJ we have worked hard to cultivate our one-of- a-kind community. We recognize that having a loved one who requires therapeutic intervention can be emotionally challenging. That is why we have proactively established a nurturing environment to help all of our families feel connected and supported.

      Members of the CSJ Community have access to the following support systems:
    • CSJ Buddy Program- provides support to families who wish to connect with other families who can share their experiences.  We have families of children with feeding issues, language disorders and speech motor disorders who are available to speak to you.  Contact Cheryl at Cheryl@csjinc.com for further information.
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