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We greatly value our families input and include them when completing our comprehensive evaluations and customized treatment plans. Our goal is to have that special relationship with families which will build success for our children (jewels). CSJ also works to build connections amongst team members, families and the community by offering a wide array of professional staff development, mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students and involvement with university and hospital programs.


Why CSJ?

CSJ serves a diverse population of clients. We treat individuals up to young adults and all ability levels. Our families are geographically dispersed and come from communities as diverse as Greenwich, The Bronx and Rockland. Some live locally and others live far. But despite their differences our commitment towards families is strong which is why they have chosen to come to CSJ.

CSJ is a special, fun place, a place where every day remarkable things happen.

How We Started

When growing up in the Bronx my parents always instilled in my sister and I the importance of working hard and getting an education. I can remember that academics did not come easy, but I had an inner focus and work ethic to succeed.

As a teenager, I worked as a camp counselor for children with special needs and that experience shaped my decisions about my future endeavors. In early 2000, I established my boutique agency with its mission being to provide specialized and high quality services to families.

As founder and Executive Director of CSJ and a licensed Speech and Language Pathologist I have worked tirelessly with children and families to help them "find their voices" and to communicate more effectively with others. I graduated from Teachers College, Columbia University over thirty years ago. I am an expert in the field of speech, language and motor-speech disorders and lecture and train others around the world. I am one of 42 PROMPT Instructors in the world and have been putting PROMPT into practice for the last 15 years. I have trained doctors, nurses, speech and language therapists, psychological, teachers, facilitators and parents in Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mauritius. To further my vision, in 2006, I founded the not-for-profit organization, The Center for Small Jewels Institute for Education, Training and Enrichment.

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